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Concours d’LeMons sets new (lower) standards at Monterey Car Week.

Monterey car week is a time of major events in the car world, but none is more anticipated than the Concours de’ Lemons held Saturday, August 15th in Laguna Grande Regional Park in Seaside California.

This year’s event saw over 100 entrants, thousands of spectators and much local and national media attention.

From soul sucking Japanese appliances, to cars of unmitigated gaul (French cars), this concours de’ elegance for oddball, unloved and orphan cars had it all.

This year’s big loser, winning the Worst of Show award was Rene Aguirre, who brought his stunningly awful, 1964 Ford Galaxie that had been inexplicably turned into an off road desert race car.

Other major awards included the Sweetest Lemon award which was presented to the Cosworth Vega club who brought multiple cars, the Most Dangerous Car award which was presented to Scott Graves, who brought a flared fender, Saab turbo powered, 1972 Honda 600 that he uses to enter endurance races.

Hagerty’s coveted Kitschiest Car Award was won by Scott King and Sandy Edelstein with their strikingly ugly, but very original 1996 Subaru SVX AWD.  Even TV personality, Wayne Carini (Chasing Classic Cars) entered and won his class with a 1962 Dodge Lancer station wagon.

Now in its sixth year, the Concours de’ Lemon is inexplicably supported by Hagerty and Grassroots Motorsports magazine. Hagerty event coordinator, Anami Barnett feels “our company mantra is for people to have fun with cars. These Lemons events are a great way for people to do just that.“

Grassroots Motorsports publisher, Tim Suddard, added, “for over 30 years, we have always had a low-buck, irreverent way of looking at cars. We do these events because we love the idea and the people who find, fix up and share these wacky, unloved cars“

The Concours de’ Lemons was started by Alan Galbraith and his wife Melissa.  Alan confesses, “the whole idea started as way to take a bit of the seriousness and pomposity out of the high-dollar concours crowd, that you see in Monterey this week.”

Worst Of Show
Rene Aguirre – Baja 1964 Galaxie

Class Winners:

Rust Belt American Junk (GM)
William Hughes – 1976 Cadillac DeVille

Rust Belt American Junk (Ford)
Richard Julian – 1956 Ford F 350

Rust Belt American Junk (Other)
Wayne Carini – 1962 Dodge Lancer wagon

Soul Sucking Japanese Appliance
Mad Maxima – 1996 Nissan Altima

Cars of Unmitigated Gaul (French)
Matt Spielberg – 1964 Citroen Ami wagon

Kommunist Kars
Scott Oldham – 1987 Yugo

Rueful Brittania (British cars)
Alan Smolinisky – 1999 Gem/Land Rover

Swedish Meatballs
Mike Harrel – 1968 Saab 96

Self-Satisfied Krautten Wagens
Joe DeBattista – 1964 Opel Kadett Sports

Overall Awards:

Worst Of Show
Rene Aguirre – Baja 1964 Galaxie

Major Award
Mike Thompson – Peugeot 404

Long Distance Award
Mike Harrel – 1968 Saab

Most Dangerous Car
Scott Graves – 1972 Honda 600

Dedication To The Cause
William Hughes – 1973 Mercury Comet

Hagerty’s Kitschiest Car Award
Scott King and Sandy Edelstein  – 1996 Subaru SVX AWD

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