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Concours d’Lemons Georgia 2017 Photos

Have you ever used the words “Over-restored Cosworth Vega” in a sentence? Neither had we until the 2017 Georgia Concours d’Lemons. While the rainy weather kept many from showing up the Cosworth Vega club showe...


Concours d’LeMons CA 2016 – Photos

This rolling train wreck of bad fortune and good ideas gone sour again sullied Laguna Grande Park in Seaside, check California, August 20, adding a lighter note to an otherwise serious weekend. When Ferraris are trading across ...


Concours d’LeMons Michigan 2016 – Photos

Despite the threat of rain there was a record turn out for the 2016 Concours d’LeMons 2016. Hoopties of every description filled the space given to us by the Concours d’Elegance of America. We are already in talks t...


Concours d’LeMons Georgia 2016 – Photos

The Concours d’LeMons returned yet again to the infield of the storied Road Atlanta race track to ruin an otherwise beautiful spring day. While the vintage race cars took a break from their hot laps crap car aficionados t...


Concours d’LeMons California 2015 – Photos

Concours d’LeMons sets new (lower) standards at Monterey Car Week. Monterey car week is a time of major events in the car world, discount but none is more anticipated than the Concours de’ Lemons held Saturday, capsule Augu...


Concours d’LeMons Michigan 2015 Photos

For the 2nd year the Concours d’LeMons was a thorn in the side of the Concours of American in the heart of the rust belt, Detroit Michigan. The American class was well attended with the Corviar club making a GREAT showing...



Concours d’LeMons GA 2015

Once again the Concours d’LeMons returned to the infield at the Classic Motorsports Walter Mitty Challenge. Strange and wonderful cars or every description and of questionable provenance lined Vendor Row for all to enjoy....


2014 California Concours d’LeMons

Hoopties, rust buckets and automotive oddities of all description once again converged on the Monterey Peninsula for the The Concours d’LeMons. Now in its 6th year of irreverent revelry LeMons took Auto Week by storm as t...


Concours d’LeMons Michigan 2014 Photos

Concours d’LeMons brought the crap car Concours to the MotorCity in 2014. The show was well attended by predominately American made junkers, go figure. The Corvair Club showed up in force and and style. The club came up w...


Concours d’LeMons at the Mitty Challenge 2014

The Concours d’LeMons empire expanded in 2014 to include two new shows. Grassroots Motorsports Magazine and Hagerty insurance inexplicably sponsored LeMons coming to the Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta. Lots of amazingly ...