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Monterey Herald at Concours d’LeMons CA 2013

Hey there, Bad Lookin’   On the lower end of the classy scale, Dick Tuttle’s 1964 Peel Trident took Best of Show on Saturday at the Concours d’LeMons in Seaside.


China Daily at Concours d’LeMons CA 2013

‘Oddball autos’ on show at Concours d’Lemons

2013 Concours d’LeMons Worst of Show

Scott Bosés’ 1949 Viosin Biscooter takes home the 2013 Concours d’LeMons Worst of Show honors. What makes it so bad? Where to begin… well the obvious is that its a Voisin. Known for his very elegant pre-war c...

2013 Concours d’LeMons Registration is OPEN!

For some inexplicable reason we are doing it all again, so sign up now before we come to our senses. The good folks at Hagerty insurance are again behind the whole debacle, so sign up with them to insure your hoopty.  Polish u...


The medical definition of atrophy can be described as the wasting away of a muscle, due to non use or the loss of nerve supply. Some of us believe this can happen to muscle cars, as well as muscles in the human body. Here’...


Classic Vinyl?

  The dreaded vinyl covered roof! I think the vast majority of car guys will agree that they are the work of Satan, himself.  It’s only speculation, but I’m guessing somewhere around the early 1960s, the Princ...

The Renault 5 Roller Coaster

When it comes to the Renault 5, I challenge you to name another car that has risen to such lofty heights, mired it’s way through such underwhelming mediocrity, and sunken to such dismal lows. Try as I might, I can think o...

Hall and Oats are Fiero-riffic

No real story here… just Hall and Oats in a 1985 ad for their tour with a Pontiac Fiero. And really, isnt that enough?             application for personal loan  

2011 Concours d’LeMons Photos

For 2011 the Concours d’LeMons moved to the palatial grounds of Laguna Grande Regional Park. We left the comfort of Toro Park behind and worked on a new business model. The show is now free for everyone. That way, you get...