2014 California Concours d’LeMons

Posted September 2, 2014 by Alan Galbraith in Photos

Hoopties, rust buckets and automotive oddities of all description once again converged on the Monterey Peninsula for the The Concours d’LeMons. Now in its 6th year of irreverent revelry LeMons took Auto Week by storm as the “must go to” event. Low dollar cars, relaxed attitudes and a recognition that car shows should be fun served as the perfect antidote to the constant posing and posturing of other shows and their attendees. A record turn out of the worst of the automotive world graced the goose poop strewn lawn of Laguna Grande Park much to the delight of the record spectator crowd. Celebrities such as Wayne Carrini or Chasing Classic Cars fame and Jay Leno stopped in join in the fun and shoot video for their shows. The Celebrity Judges gladly accepted bribes from car owners hoping for one of the many dollar store sources prizes. Once everyone sobered up we gave out the trophies and crowned Steve Mandell’s 1973 Acoma Mini-Comtesse the 2014 California Concours d’LeMons Worst of Show. The Acoma is a French Micro-car from the ill conceived “voitures sans permis” (cars without a permit) program which allowed 14 year olds, drunkards and those lacking the driving skills needed to get a drivers license operate micro-cars on public roads. What could possibly go wrong?  Once again, Hagerty Insurance and Grassroots Motorsports Magazine sponsored the whole debacle and lent an air of legitimacy to the farce. Lets hope they dont come to their senses anytime soon.


Steve Mandell’s 1973 Acoma Mini-Comtesse the 2014 California Concours d’LeMons Worst of Show Winner

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